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Hey Connect Church Family! 

On Sunday, September 12, we announced that we would be doing a new pictorial directory! Each week we have the opportunity to come together within our church building, homes, and other places around the River Valley. We pray together. We study scripture together. We worship together. We rejoice & weep together. We are a family, and this directory simply won't be complete without you. 

Photo dates are:

NOV. 1-4 2021 ***The first three dates are almost completely full. Make sure to register ASAP!

You will have a professional photography session, schedule a ZOOM meeting to see your proofs on a computer, and have the opportunity to purchase extra portraits for family and friends.

You can make your appointment at church on the sign-up sheets, or you can click on the link below and make your appointment online. We'd love for you to go ahead and get your time scheduled. πŸ™‚


Anchored Retreat for Connect Students (8th-12th grades) is October 29-30th!


Our Connect 567 Retreat (for students in 5th-7th grades) is November 12-14th at Camp Yorktown Bay!


We believe the best ways we can love our city is to serve our neighbors, pray for them, and for us to grow more like Jesus.

We want to help our community find and follow Jesus.

We want them to know that Connect Church is FOR them and, most importantly, God is FOR them. 


Connect Groups meet throughout the River Valley to discuss the weekly Bible Study and spend time praying, laughing, eating, and growing more like Jesus together. In these groups, we are having conversations and identifying ways to directly apply what we’re learning from His Word at our jobs, our homes, our schools, gyms, neighborhoods, and wherever else we find ourselves throughout our week. Not only are we FOR the River Valley, we are FOR each other.


We hope you'll take advantage of all that Connect 20 offers as we grow more like Jesus through worship, prayer, His Word, and application. 


We want to thank you for your continued giving. Your giving matters and goes further now, perhaps, more than ever! Ministry continues throughout our community and around the world. Let's continue making a difference in the lives of others by giving our tithes and offerings.

Here are a few ways that you can give at Connect Church:

  • You can give online through If you would like to set up a recurring option, let us know. We can help you through that simple process.

  • You can drop the check off at the church in the giving kiosks or in the mailbox located next to the office entrance. (This mailbox is right next to the steps of the office entry.)

  • You can mail the check to the church. 1103 E L Street, Russellville, AR 72801

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