Monday / December 5

Connect 20



1 Peter 2:9

Each day we want you to CONNECT with God through worship, prayer, and His Word.


As you begin your time in His Word today, take a moment to call out to Him in prayer. Ask Him to "open your eyes" as you read through today's passage.


As you observe the scripture today, we encourage you to take notes. Notice the emotions, reasons, context. Make sure to note what God wants you to know or do after reading the scripture. What are the takeaways for you?

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What did God want them to notice throughout this passage?

What notes & takeaways do I have?


Now that you've identified the takeaways, it's time to explore & examine the areas of your life that God needs to come under the truth. Take a moment to commit & surrender these areas in prayer.

Try this today

If someone thinks God’s chief objective is to make humanity suffer and be miserable, that person doesn’t understand God’s grace. Yes, His Word is very clear that we will experience hardship and that He will call us to do difficult things, but He abundantly provides the tools we need and supplements our deficits. He doesn’t just give us tasks; He gives us purpose and meaning! Are you doing what He has for you? If yes, are you 100% dependent on Him to guide you through it? 


Now it's time to tell and share with others what God is teaching you! Try this:

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We want to celebrate your growth in Christ with you!


Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

Today, write the verse by hand on a card and place the card in a place you will see it each day. Each time you see the card, pause and recite the verse.


Bible in a Year

This Bible in a Year reading plan is designed for a 5-day week. Each day of Connect 20, you'll find the reading for that day below. Included below is the Bible in Year Reading Companion. The Reading Companion provides comments on difficult verses and puzzling texts and highlights the overall flow and impact of the current reading.

*Here's a printable Bible in a Year guide.


Bible in 3 Years | 🆕 for 2022

Most believers have a goal to read the entire Bible, but the goal can seem daunting at first! In this plan, you can read the entire Bible over a 3-year period as you commit to just one or two chapters a day. This plan is located within the YouVersion Bible App and you can begin at any time!

Start the Bible in 3 Years here!

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