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What Does The Bible Say About ______ ?

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6 Scriptural tests to apply to anything questionable/gray area, not specifically mentioned:

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

1. Proclamation Test: “Has God clearly proclaimed it to be wrong in His Word?”

2. Principle Test: “Is it forbidden in God’s Word in principle?”

3. Partnership Test:   (Col. 3:17) Would Jesus do this with me?”

4. Presence Test: (Phil 1:20) “Would I be ashamed to be found doing it upon Christ’s return?”

5. Purity Test: (I Cor. 10:31 ) “Is there any glory for God in it?” or “Can I honestly ask God to bless it?”

6. Peace Test: (Rom. 14:23) “After praying about it, is there the least bit of doubt in my mind about God approving of it?


...other helpful questions to guide decision-making:

Are you willing to do what is right once you know God’s Will?

(Acts 5:29)

Does It agree with all the Scripture has to say on the subject?

(II Tim 3:16)

Have you prayed about It?

(Eph 6:18)

Do you have the leading of the Holy Spirit?

(John 16:13) 

Does It please God?

(Heb 11:6)

Can you ask for It in the name of the Lord Jesus?

(John 14:13-14)

Can you give God thanks for It?

(I Thes 5:18)

Does It bring glory to God?

(Mat 6:13)

Does It offend other Christians?

(Rom 14:12-23)

Am I fully persuaded that It is right?

(Jms 4:17)

Do the best Christians I know agree that It is right?

(Jms 5:16)

These questions clarify the question, "How can God receive more glory?"

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After The Message

There are 3 ways to connect with someone today. We know these services can be heavy and we want to give you some different options to connect today. 


1) Stop by the Connection Point in the lobby after service and a volunteer will get a member of our pastoral staff to come and talk.


2) Fill out a Connection Card during service, drop it off in the buckets during service or at the New Here, Start Here Kiosk in the lobby and someone will contact you this week.


3) Fill out the Connect portion of and we connect with you this week.