Connect Kids Elementary

K through 4th graders

join us each sunday at 10:30a!

At Connect Church our Connect Kids Elementary (K through 4th grade) experience safe, age-appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a creative and relevant way. We partner with parents to help kids connect with God by building lasting relationships, being silly and having fun together, and connecting with them in a language they understand. Our number one goal as a church is to help people find and follow Jesus so we carry this value throughout our kids ministry, just with a lot more dancing, goofy hats, and legos.

Sundays for Connect Kids Elementary

Our Elementary students join their parents in Worship at the beginning of the service. About half-way through, they will be dismissed to their age-appropriate classes where they learn about Jesus in a creative and relevant way!

Having a multi-generational experience allows one generation to model to the next what it means to worship and experience the presence of God. Encourage your students to sit with you as a family and worship together. Don't worry about distractions, they're children- it will happen.😆

The Ride Home

On your way home, be sure to ask your child questions like, "What did you learn today?” and "Did you have fun?" It's our goal that every child has a positive answer to these two questions, every week!

Got questions?

If you have further questions concerning our Connect Kids experience or visiting Connect Church with children, simply let us know below.

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