Global Outreach


$66,000 for the year / $1572 per week

On Sunday, March 6, 2022, we began praying for what God might be calling us to contribute to our Global Missions Fund. This pledge is in addition to your regular tithes and offering giving and it travels around the world helping many international missionaries plant churches and funding projects that help people find and follow Jesus. As a Church, we want to make sure we're sending those who are called to go nationally and internationally.

Currently, 5.25% of our overall Connect Church budget is devoted to Global Missions. This 5.25% accounts for around 50% of our Global Missions Budget. The other 50% is dependent upon pledges from our church family and keeping those pledges. 


Funding National & International church planters in Japan, France, Spain, Uruguay, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Kenya, California, & Arkansas. 

Along with partners & projects in China, Cuba, France, India, Central Asia, Laos, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, Spain, South Korea, Vietnam, & others.

If you'd like to pledge online you do that below. If you prefer to give online, you can do that too. Be sure to select 'Missions' when giving to the Global Outreach Budget.