Friday / March 31

Connect 20



John 1:46, 50-51

Each day we want you to CONNECT with God through worship, prayer, and His Word.


As you begin your time in His Word today, take a moment to call out to Him in prayer. Ask Him to "open your eyes" as you read through today's passage.


As you observe the scripture today, we encourage you to take notes. Notice the emotions, reasons, context. Make sure to note what God wants you to know or do after reading the scripture. What are the takeaways for you?

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What did God want them to notice throughout this passage?

What notes & takeaways do I have?


Now that you've identified the takeaways, it's time to explore & examine the areas of your life that God needs to come under the truth. Take a moment to commit & surrender these areas in prayer.

Try this today

Most American Christ-followers feel pressure to “save” people. We put stock into our own biblical knowledge and oratory skills, thinking that we are the ones who change minds and, more often than not, lose faith in our own abilities. When Nathanael doubted that anything good came from Nazareth, Philip didn’t try to convince him but rather said, “Come and see.” Look with your own eyes. Experience Him yourself. After Nathanael believed, Jesus told him, “you will see greater things than me telling you about yourself. You will see heaven itself open!” It is not our job to convince people to follow Jesus. It’s our job to follow Him and point others to Him as well! Take heart, saints, and point others to the joy that only our Savior can bring!


Now it's time to tell and share with others what God is teaching you! Try this:

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We want to celebrate your growth in Christ with you!


John 1:29

The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

Recite the verse by heart (because it's written there now) to 3 people today.


Bible in 3 Years

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