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Matthew 6:25-34

• Worry is unnatural – nature doesn’t worry.

• Worry is unhelpful – it doesn’t actually change anything.

• Worry is unchristian – it reflects a lack of faith.

How to Give God Your Worry and Experience His Peace

1. Let Jesus be King.

2. Live a day at a time.

3. Lean on the faithfulness of God.

Phil 4:6-7

There are two things Paul says to do with worry…

1. Tell God about it – take it to him in prayer.

2. Thank God for what he has done.

You can dwell on your problems, or you can dwell on God’s promises.

When you let Jesus be king, live a day at a time, and lean on God’s faithfulness, he will guard your heart and your mind with his peace.

Anxiety < prayer = Peace

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After The Message

There are 3 ways to connect with someone today. We know these services can be heavy and we want to give you some different options to connect today. 


1) Stop by the Connection Point in the lobby after service and a volunteer will get a member of our pastoral staff to come and talk.


2) Fill out a Connection Card during service, drop it off in the buckets during service or at the New Here, Start Here Kiosk in the lobby and someone will contact you this week.


3) Fill out the Connect portion of and we connect with you this week.