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COVID-19 Update

Updated on 5/5/20 at 4:00pm

Blessings family!

I trust you are well and enjoying the presence and peace of God in your life. As expected, our governor made his announcement yesterday regarding large venue events (which includes churches). Based upon his assessment and guidance Connect Church is determining that it is not feasible for us to launch back into on-campus worship and ministries at this time. HOWEVER, we will continue to worship online together on Sunday mornings at 10:30am and also bible studies On-Demand and also through individual classes through Zoom (or other preferred system determined by your teacher). We are SO eager to be back “together” worshipping and growing in Christlikeness corporately. But Phase 1 does not give us any ‘together’ opportunities. In Phase 2 however (hopefully in two weeks), we will begin seeing some abilities to join together in small groups and perhaps worship together in smaller communities while we engage online together. If you are not in a Bible Study class, please contact me or Joel Lauckner ([email protected]) so that we can help you find one that fits. If you are not currently plugging into a Connect Group, please reach out to me or Blake Jordan ([email protected]) so that we can get you plugged in in order that you may begin to benefit from community before we are all fully reassembled. Let us continue to offer grace and patience with leadership as we make decisions we have never had to make before. We certainly want to be back together and do not want our stubbornness or impatience to spike a resurgence and prevent us from doing so sooner than later. Thank you for continuing to engage in each other’s life and love each other while we are away. This has been a time of testing but purifying too! I hope we hold dear in application the lessons God has taught us through this time. Let’s maximize it! Continue to hang on…plug in…engage…CONNECT. I love you!

Pastor Blaine Rogers


[email protected]


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