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Connect 20

What it is and how to use it

Jesus’ ultimate command to His followers were to ‘make disciples’. While we strive to be disciples, making disciples is our mandate. However, we cannot make disciples without being one! The goal is not met by committing to Jesus, reading the Bible, praying, sharing our faith, and displaying the fruit of the Spirit. We must be Helping Others Find and Follow Jesus. This is our goal at Connect Church. Bring people where we have already been! We have learned that you cannot mass produce disciples because everyone is at different places spiritually. Disciples must be handcrafted, daily. This means that every follower of Christ must take responsibility for their own growth and development; and the growth and development of those around them.


God has given us gifts that equip us and keep us focused on our spiritual growth and enable us to help in the growth of others. He also gave us Connect Church, a Bible Believing, servant-hearted church in order to learn, practice and model discipleship. 


Connect Church leadership strives to partner with each individual in their journey toward Christian Maturity. We desire every believer in our church to be as strong and prepared as possible for their next step of faith. We desire that each disciple is as strong and mature as they will need to be to weather life’s storms and accurately hear from our Fathers voice. 


His plan and Our goal is to link church and family in order to equip future generations...one home at a time. Your Home!


For years the strategy obligated parents to bring their kids to the "professionals" at church so that we could disciple their kids. We began to build experiences that could not be replicated. They were busy, fun, messy, educational, and engaging. They became the greatest ministries to children and students that good money could buy. We built dynamic buildings and huge ministries. We began Para-church organizations that would help do what smaller churches could not. We felt we were finally getting it right. Church became one of the few places that parents were separated from their children while both remained in the same building. It was implied to parents that they had no spiritual authority and were not equipped well enough to accomplish discipleship. So, many parents stopped! ‘Jesus’ was a conversation for families after church on the way to lunch, maybe. Parents slowly stopped having spiritual authority in the home and husbands and wives stopped pointing each other to Jesus, and Dad no longer was seen as the spiritual leader of the home.   


Sadly, at the same time we were noticing something else. Something was not sticking at church either. We brought children in but during the late teens and early college age, they were checking out. We were not keeping them. So, we decided to fix it by developing the next step. Collegiate Ministries were born to give the next generation similar experiences they had growing up. Experiences they had come to expect from the church. However, we could not find the right momentum for this. The culture experienced moral decline, the family was redefined, and began a move away from the Scripture largely due to an apathetic, compartmentalized form of Christianity that was provided.


We have identified this problem as having two origins: Intentional or unintentional hypocrisy in the home and churches being irrelevant to this culture in regard to the teaching of Scripture. As church leaders, we understand this as a clear disconnect between our current discipleship process and the strategy orated by God in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Psalm 78, Matthew 22:37-40, and Matthew 28:18-20.  Churches have been doing what seemed right rather that what God commanded.


The missing link has been, and for many still is, a disconnect between church and the home. Husbands spiritually leading their wives and parents spiritually leading their family. Church has become something we do rather than who we are. We want disciples to be a 24/7 disciples. This is manifested in every relationship, every day. We bring our collective growth into the collective body of Christ each week in celebration!  Whether we are sitting in the ‘sanctuary’ or in the nearby restaurant; we are the church and we are walking in faith. We have rethought strategies that equip and resource the family for spiritual formation! In our way of thinking, the church and the family need a common path to walk on. Each weekend we share the same ‘big idea’ in our bible study classes and in all our worship opportunities. We endeavor to keep all disciples on the same page so that we can grow together and help generate growth in each other. We call this strategy 24/7 Faith. It is our way to link church and family for intentional spiritual formation. Each day of the week, we ask that you spend a minimum of 20 minutes in the presence of God. We will ingest and digest (take-in and process) the complete Scripture each year and have bible memory options for your home and families. We will have daily worship opportunities each day for your home and families. We want you to share what God is speaking to you because that makes a better ‘US’!


We believe the home is the discipleship process that God instituted and that churches were to come alongside to equip marriages, dads and moms to be the primary spiritual leader to the next generation. It is not enough to have a great ministry at church. Connect Church wants to equip you to ‘make disciples’ not just make a disciple of you. Only then will the hypocrisy and irrelevance be diminished. 


Each week, you will have access to a resource called Connect 20. It is for individual disciples, marriages and parents so that faith can be developed in you and give you a tool to ‘help others find and follow Jesus’. 

The following weeks sermon will be developed from the weeks study. We would ask that each person in your home work through their 20 minutes and the have a discussion (length determined by you) with anyone else in your home; Husbands leading wives and parents leading children. Connect Groups will also be studying alongside the sermons each week; families leading families. 


In Deuteronomy 30, the children of Israel were in the same situation. They knew there were generational problems with passing faith along, but they were overwhelmed with fixing it. God said, in essence, “turn to me with all your heart and soul… the Word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may observe it.” We must engage our hearts with His Word. Do not be overwhelmed but hear God’s Word to you in Deuteronomy 30:11, “Now what I am commanding you today is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach.”


This is how we build our future. At Connect Church we facilitate the Word of God into each home every day in a nonintrusive way. It will be available online, social media and hardcopies will be available each Sunday for the following week. We want to supply the home with the resources needed to become the family God wants them to be. 


As we put Scripture into our hearts and minds, we give the Spirit ammunition to use against our enemy. Therefore, Connect 20 is for anyone who wants to be an overcomer, more than a conqueror. Connect 20 is for anyone who wants to persevere to the end and help others get there as well. It is for Seekers, Disciples, Husbands, Wives, Dads, Moms, Students and Connect Group attendees.


Connect Church are the partners not the primary. We will help equip you for God’s best. Disciples are hand-made not mass produced. You need your own journey. You can do it, we can help!