Community Groups

Life is better when we live in community!

We believe life is better when you live in community. 

Community Groups meet throughout the River Valley to discuss the weekly Bible Study and spend time praying, laughing, eating, and growing more like Jesus together. In these groups, we are having conversations and identifying ways to directly apply what we’re learning from His Word at our jobs, our homes, our schools, gyms, neighborhoods, and wherever else we find ourselves throughout our week. 

Every Monday, we upload the weekly Bible Study video at Before your Community Group meeting, we encourage you to watch the Bible Study. This allows more time to be spent on the conversation and application. 

Meaningful relationships are increasingly difficult, especially during this time. Community Groups are a great way to bring people together as they take steps toward Christ. You can grow in a relationship with others, to Jesus, and live life in community rather than alone. If we’re growing more like Jesus, with people who are growing more like Jesus, we’re going to be empowered and encouraged to help people find and follow Jesus! 

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Groups meet in their homes, Zoom (online), parks, the church, and other places around town. 😀



Every Monday we upload our weekly Bible Study video at You can watch this video at any point during your week on your schedule.



Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Most groups meet weekly to discuss the Bible Study and monthly to spend time together socially.