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Bible Studies

Studies for you and your family.

Bible Studies bring people together to gain a better understanding of God's Word and learn how to apply it in their everyday lives. You can grow in relationship to others, to Jesus, and be more confident in your faith.

Take a look at the classes below and find a place for you and your family.

Sunday at 8am


John Sweigart / Fellowship Hall

Sunday at 9:00am


Perry Cox / Fellowship Hall

Jonathan Livermore / 209b (upstairs)

Ken Holmes / 206 (upstairs)

Linda Flake / Overflow Room (behind Fellowship Hall)

Cameron Lane/ Connect Cafe (Northwest parking lot)

Brian Baker / Gathering Room

Kids & Students

Darrell & Holly Gentry / K / 205 (upstairs)

Randy and Dona Kirkpatrick / 1st & 2nd grade / 203 (upstairs)

Ross & Melissa Moudy / 3rd and 4th grade / 212 (upstairs)

Cameron Lauckner / 5th-7th grade / Connect 567 (upstairs)

Blake Jordan / 8th-12th grade / Connect Students (upstairs)

Sundays at 10:30am


Gary Foster / Fellowship Hall

Joe Rhynes / 209b (upstairs)

Jay Griffin / 206 (upstairs)

Wednesdays at 6:30pm


All Ages / Sanctuary

Thursdays at 1:00pm

Women's Bible Study

Marlene Loudon / Overflow Room (behind Fellowship Hall)

Personal Bible Study

Connect 20

Daily devotion, worship, scripture, & more.

RightNow Media

Access to library of online Bible studies from RightNow Media.

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